Alpha+ Door intercom to a telephone

This interface between the intercom and a telephone is the cream of the crop in terms of intercom systems and is ideal if you have one or more doorways to connect to an analog phone line. You order one convenient package with very simple instructions on how the interface should be connected and programmed.

Wat does Alpha+

  • Connecting the intercom with an internal line of a telephone exchange central or a trunk line
  • Opening the door through the phone (at home or remotely)
  • Control of relay (lock, heating, electrical equipment)


  • Ideal for people who are not always at home, eg farmer, doctor, pharmacist on duty, undertaker
  • Companies with several entrances
  • Buildings with different companies in one block
  • Department stores: get your question to the right person
  • On duty services
  • Access systems
  • Telephones in lifts



  • To connect one or more intercoms on one or more analog telephone lines
  • Each button can lead to a different telephone (internal or external)
  • Up to 100 different phone numbers
  • Compatible with most brands thanks to our intercom Microprint
  • For both new and existing installations
  • Easy to install and use
  • Ability to work with an access code
  • Possibility of a wait message
  • Opening of the door lock
  • Provides power for the intercom and door lock
  • Works on any analog line within the telephone exchange or a trunk
  • Works with any GSM SIM box
  • Also works without a telephone exchange